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There are a number of themes, which are central within the greater body of my work. The predominant subject matter is quintessentially Australian and it reveals the ways in which Australian myths are deeply ingrained and yet constantly changing, signifying the cultural diversity that we, as a country, continue to experience. The deeply ingrained, sardonic, Australian sense of humour is evident throughout many of the images, but there is also a sombre aspect to some images, which point towards a darker side. It’s my job to report back to the general population on the cultural landscape as I see it.


As much of my subject matter deals with the Australian national character and Australian landscapes etc., I believe that, for the audience, there will be a strong recognition-factor at work. The work transcends mere documentary photography and presents the 'everyday' within a high-art context.


Kim Guthrie 2020

© kim guthrie 2019

All images © Kim Guthrie 2023

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